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It’s no surprise that we love dogs at SnowDog, and that means pooches of all proportions, unlike other ‘dog friendly’ places in Japan that frown on any animal that doesn’t fit on your lap.

If you are bringing your dog, we’ll be happy to introduce our dedicated facilities that include the only private dog park in the area. We can also point you to other dog-friendly places where your four-legged companions can run about and meet other dogs.

We can also help up-front with advice on anything from making sure you’ll have a supply of your beloved canine’s favourite food to handling quarantine issues if you’re importing your pet.

Dog Stay Requirements

At SnowDog Village, we place the utmost importance on the safety of our customers and dogs. To secure your stay with your pet, our online pet registration form will be sent to you and must be filled out in advance. There are no exceptions.

You will be asked to submit required vaccination certificates at that time.

Please review and agree to all the conditions set forth in our "Dog Stay Rules" BEFORE booking your accommodation. There are detailed requirements for vaccination certificates.

Nightly Dog Fees (per dog incl. tax)

Small (less than 10kg)Medium (less than 25kg)Large (25kg and above)

Number and Size of Dogs Allowed

Room TypeSmall (less than 10kg)Medium (less than 25kg)Large (25kg and above)Max. Number
Studio / Suite2102
2-Bedroom & Studio / 3-Bedroom3323

※ When accommodating dogs of different sizes (small/medium/large) in one single room, the max number of dogs allowed is the number specified for the larger size, based on the above chart.

e.g. A "Studio" room can accommodate two small dogs but cannot accommodate one small and one medium sized dog because the medium-size rule of max 1 is applied in the latter case. Please select a room larger than "Studio".

*Kindly note room discounts are applied to room rates only and not to nightly dog fees.

*We require you to submit valid certificates of vaccinations (rabies, etc.) prior to arrival.

*We have a list of certain breeds we CANNOT accommodate at our resort. Please check our "Dog Stay Rules".

Recommended Items To Bring

  • Small towels/cloths to wipe your dog's feet before entering your room
  • Cleaning goods in case your dog urinates in the wrong places (e.g. inside the room)
  • Dog litter sheets, wet wipe, belly bands/diapers (as required)
  • Dog poop bags
  • Dog bowl and food
  • Dog collar, leash, bed/cushions (which your dog usually uses and feels comfortable with)
  • Dog crate/carry bag
  • Your dog's favorite toys/towels, etc. (so your dog feels comfortable in your hotel room)

※ Each room is equipped with a sticky roller to look after dog hairs.

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