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Niseko Area's best food coming to SnowDog Village this summer!

Check out our July calendar for special nights at SnowDog Village!

Food Truck Month JUL 1
2022 JUL
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2022 SEP
2022 OCT

Book your seats at restaurant Upashi Seta at SnowDog Village on weekends this summer and take advantage of this rare opportunity to take out Niseko Area's best food and enjoy them in the comfortable setting of our restaurant Upashi Seta!

Sat Jul 23 - Food Truck YURAGI

Food trucks yuragi

Food Truck YURAGI offers home-cooked Japanese food in style. Using local Hokkaido and Niseko produce, they are a unique food truck providing healthy Japanese food to the local and visitor communities through their beautifully crafted dishes.

Sat Jul 30 / Sun Aug 14 - Food Truck PIKININI

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Sat Aug 6 / 20 / 27 - polku

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Fri Aug 12 / Sat Aug 13 - YY DINER

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How to Book

Advance bookings (by the day before) for seats at Upashi Seta and food are essential.

Call 070-4444-3814 or email [email protected]

Check out our food truck week from early May!

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