SnowDog and Raku Ichi, next steps

JNW’s next two Niseko projects starting up again

At JNW Properties, we can’t get enough of Niseko. Sure, the pandemic has dented everyone’s travel plans but we have faith in the recovery. And a sign of that faith is that we are pressing ahead with our next projects.

Work is back underway on the next stage in the SnowDog story. The driveways are shaping up for a complex of chalets, at a site just a few minutes away from SnowDog Village. These will comprise of pairs of luxury apartments, one downstairs and one upstairs. Built in local style, they will be all beautifully uncluttered elegance, then topped with a classic pitched roof to give them that picturesque alpine look.

Over in the Annupuri area, we have a very special project in collaboration with Tatsuru Rai, owner and soba master of Raku Ichi. The legendary restaurant is to be reimagined and placed at the heart of a premier residential development.

It’s a matter of legacy – for Tatsuru-san and for his good friend and co-founder of JNW, Nicolas Pulinx – Nico for short. It was Nico’s dogs who inspired the name SnowDog and this project is planned to rise not far from Nico’s own Niseko home.

Meanwhile, Nico’s partner in JNW, Jo Lodder is working from home in Hong Kong but can’t wait to get back up to Japan: “The coronavirus has meant we have to be patient. But Nico and I are convinced tourists will come back to Niseko and when they do, we’ll be waiting to welcome them - with SnowDog Village and, in the next year or so, with our new projects too.”

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